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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Last night, we all took Katya to a trial recreational gymnastics class. The instructor had told me they start everyone at that level and then assess whether the student should be moved up.

Katya had been excited about it ever since I told her about the class. But when we arrived, in drizzling rain, and she saw all the other students, nerves set in. But, after we helped her get her coat and shoes off, she bravely took the hand of the instructor and went out on to the floor.

At first, she looked over to me frequently for reassurance, but pretty soon, she was looking less and less. She did great!!

Near the end, the instructor came over to me and asked if it would be a problem if she came on Thursdays instead. Seems, the instructor wants to move her up to the "pre-team" class, the level before the actual team level. Several students are being moved up to team, so that's leaving slots available. The instructor is supposed to call me today, to let me know if it's a go.

I'm so proud of Katya! If we can get her to stick with this, it will be so good for her. It'll give her an activity she loves, and help teach her so many skills.

Of course, I forgot to bring my camera! I plan on remembering it next time!

Cameron hung out with Daddy through most of the lesson, last night. It'll be a bit of a challenge watching both of them on Thursdays, as the class meets a little earlier than the recreational class.


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