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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Two Weeks and Counting

Katya has now been home for over two weeks, having arrived in Atlanta on May 14, 2005. It has been an amazing, joyful, and sometimes frustrating time. She is, in fact, adjusting wonderfully.

She is learning English, although, communication, is obviously sometimes a problem. We depend on a lot of gesturing and pointing to help us along.

She has a tendency to pout and become sullen when things don't go her way, or she's told she can't do something she wants to do. But, she usually comes out of it pretty quickly.

We're working on her learning the rules of the house. TV and food seem to be our biggest issues. And like most children, she wants everything she sees at the store.

Although she is 10 years old, we think it's important that we establish that her parents are the source of everything she needs, at the same time teaching her that she is a member of a family, and that we aren't just her caretakers, serving her needs.

She LOVES Dante, almost too much! He often tries to hide away in a corner for a little peace. She always has to know where he is and has to pet him and tell him she loves him.

She is constantly telling us she loves us as well. She is also very affectionate, and gives and receives it freely. I think some of it comes from the newness of having a family she can express these feelings with. It has Cameron saying "I love you", much more! Because, of course, Cam has to do everything she does!!

I took Katya Saturday to get her first professional haircut. She was nervous at first, but I think she really enjoyed it. We followed that with lunch and some shopping.

Today, we hope to visit a gymnastics school, where she'll participate in a trial lesson. If it looks like she'll enjoy it, we'll enroll her in weekly classes. I think it would be very good for her, and will help teach her some discipline as well as giving her a physical outlet.

All in all, we love being a family of four. Make that FIVE, can't forget our Dante!


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